About Us

Check ImageWe are Check Corporation, a privately held company founded in 1993. We design, manufacture, and market flexible heating systems for a variety of applications.

Check Corporation has pioneered the application of heating systems in many diverse industries using a time proven technology. In 1994 we introduced The HOTBAG, the first electrically heated pizza delivery bag.

Our flexible heating products include aftermarket SEAT HEATERS which may be installed in automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Today, both product lines are sold worldwide.


  • Check Corporation Established


    Check Corporation, manufacturer of flexible heating technology, is established, offering the first automotive OEM quality seat heater system to the automotive aftermarket. At the time, this feature was an option available only on a couple high-end vehicles. As the only aftermarket manufacturer, Check Corp was now offering this value-add

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  • Introducing HotBags


    Check applies their flexible heating technology to the food delivery industry by innovating and bringing to market the world’s first heated pizza delivery bag.  Two sizes are introduced – one to hold two large pizzas, and one that will hold up to six.  Over the next 20 years and three patents later, Check maintains its position as the world leader in the manufacturing and sales of an entire line of heated food delivery bags – servicing just about every type of food retailer known.

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  • Expanding Markets with Seat Heaters


    Check Corporation enters new markets as it begins designing and building custom seat heater systems for seat manufacturers servicing industries such as RV, Marine, and Van Conversion.

    Check Corporation introduces the first dual-temperature seat heater into the automotive aftermarket.

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  • Expanding Custom Designs


    Check continues to move into new markets and industries as it expands its custom designs. Going from RV and Marine into Over The Road Trucks, ATVs, Lift Trucks, and even small programs for Hummer.

  • Plowing New Ground with Expanding Product Lines


    Check plows new ground as it begins designing and manufacturing seat heater systems for the construction and agriculture seating industries. Still, today, Con-Ag continues to be a strong segment of our business.

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  • Upgrades and Innovations


    Check Corporation begins designing its own electronic control modules to improve the operation and efficiency of their seat heater systems.

    That same year, Check is called upon to design a new flexible heating technology in response to requests in the Con-Ag industry for seat heat that can be integrated into a seat

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  • Bringing Comfort and Warmth to Healthcare


    Maintaining its innovative leadership for bringing seat comfort to new markets, Check Corporation becomes the first company to introduce seat comfort to the medical industry. Hospitals and clinics serving patients confined to medical recliners for long periods of time can now offer these patients a warmer, more comfortable stay during treatments for chemotherapy, dialysis, among others.

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  • Creating Ultimate Comfort with Warmth and Therapeutic Massage


    Check Corporation expands its product offerings by introducing a new comfort feature that can be added as an “upgrade” to the seat heat system. Massage systems can now be added along with a seat heater system.

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  • Heated Food Delivery Options Expand


    The first significant product expansion occurs this year in Hotbags as Check Corporation moves beyond manufacturing heated delivery bags for just the pizza industry and forges new ground by designing two bags for use in delivering other foods such as chicken, pastas, and sandwiches.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities Begin to Expand


    With the organization firmly planted and 14 years of continued growth in all markets, it was time to implement plans for vertical integration within our manufacturing area. Check Corporation added a low pressure, low heat over mold process to our core manufacturing competencies. This allowed us to have more flexibility over the final production of the control modules.

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  • …and Continue to Expand


    Continuing its own vertical integration in both manufacturing and front office, Check buys more capital equipment and brings wire and harness manufacturing into the facility. This allows for more efficient inventory management of our entire line of flexible heating products. Up front, additions to the engineering and sales support staff also took place. While others were dialing back in this year of economic downturn, Check Corporation added to their infrastructure and was positioned for growth when the recovery kicked in.

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  • Made in the U.S.A.


    Challenges mount as manufacturing of the electronics components overseas produces issues in quality, lead times, and freight costs.

    As a result, Check Corporation decides to go all in on the expansion of its manufacturing core competencies.

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  • Check Corporation celebrates 20 years in business.


    The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) Organization awards Check Corporation with its Manufacturer of the Year award for outstanding service in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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  • Check Corporation’s biggest year yet


    Advancements in the manufacture of flexible heating technology have Check once again adding to its manufacturing core competencies. Bringing even more new equipment into our Troy, Michigan facility allows Check to not only improve manufacturing efficiencies, but it also allows for the overall improvement of the product as well, once again putting Check Corporation on the front edge of product innovation in the industries that it services.

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