2014 Check Corporation’s biggest year yet

Advancements in the manufacture of flexible heating technology have Check once again adding to its manufacturing core competencies. Bringing even more new equipment into our Troy, Michigan facility allows Check to not only improve manufacturing efficiencies, but it also allows for the overall improvement of the product as well, once again putting Check Corporation on the front edge of product innovation in the industries that it services.

Our heated food delivery business segment begins gaining serious traction as some of the biggest players worldwide in the quick service restaurant industry put Check Corporation to the task in creating custom designed heated delivery bags for their chains all over the globe. At the same time, Check carves out, yet another new market from this segment. The catering industry has long since looked for a lightweight, portable, heated way to deliver food. Borne out of this request is Check’s latest Hotbag product – HB-CATER. Touted as Mobile, Modular, and lightweight, it gives catering professionals all the benefits of a commercial catering system at a fraction of the cost.

Once again, SEMA recognizes Check Corporation with its Outstanding Service award.

And, for the 21st consecutive year, Check Corporation posts sales growth that tops the previous year.

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