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Check Corporation is the leading manufacturer of custom-fit automotive seat heaters in the country. Our kits are of the highest quality and meet and exceed original equipment specifications. Order a seat heater online now through a certified installer or for a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ installation.

  • Vehicle Specific Design
  • Made in the USA
  • Highest Quality
  • Equal or Superior to OE seat heaters
  • 3-year/36,000 mile warranty

Check Corporation seat heaters can be installed in almost any vehicle. The seat covers are easily removed and the heating elements are adhered to the seat base foam. The seat cover is then re-installed according to the original factory design. The seat heaters do not change the look of the seat, but they do enhance the feel and comfort. Each seat heater system is individually fused and safely wired into the vehicle’s electrical system. A separate lighted switch is provided with each system.

Check Offers a Full Range of Seat Heaters
The comfort and pleasure of heated seats is now available in three product levels for most vehicles, and can easily be installed by your dealer. Seat heaters from Check Corporation quickly provide comforting warmth to the body through the seat’s cushion and back long before the vehicle’s heater has a chance to heat the interior.

DUAL Seat Heater Kit: Efficiency Simplified


The DUAL seat heater kit from Check Corporation is a single kit for both front seats using shared common parts. With the DUAL kit, you only need to install one controller, one switch and make one connection to power for both front seat heaters. This greatly reduces installation time resulting in greater profits.


Every seat heater is backed by the industry leader in aftermarket seat heaters. Check uses innovative thinking, the latest technology and highest quality materials to manufacture and assemble each seat heater kit. Check also conducts ongoing rigorous testing to meet government and industry standards and insure long-term durability and reliability. That is why every Check seat heater kit comes with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

One Switch One Controller One Power Connect Many Reasons to Buy
Two seat heater kits in one easy-to-install kit, providing state-of-the-art features for both the installer and the customer.
  • One power connection for easier and faster installation
  • Advanced electronic controller
  • Fewer kits fit more vehicles
  • Engineered and tested to meet or exceed OEM specification
  • System diagnostic display at switch
  • Thin membrane switch increases placement options
  • Three temperature settings for optimum customer satisfaction
  • Automatic one hour shut-off timer provides added safety
A new generation LED ultra thin membrane switch regulates temperature settings and provides diagnostic feedback. The 1/16” switch has a peel and stick backing for easier installation in a wider variety of locations.
The “brain” of the system is an electronic controller that runs both front seat heaters. The module tightly regulates 3 temperature settings and provides diagnostic feedback at the LED switch. This new controller also has a power management feature that monitors power draw to avoid potentially damaging current overloads.
With less wiring to run and only one power connection, the DUAL kit is easier to install. The new patent pending fuse adapter has a green LED that lights up signaling correct polarity when connected to power.


Order your Check Seat Heater online now! Whether you seek a qualified installer to assist you, prefer the ‘do-it-yourself’ track, or install seat heaters professionally yourself, our custom ordering process makes it easy.